About Me

I am Simon van den Broek, A visual artist born and raised in the Netherlands.

I graduated from IGAD ''international game architecture and design''  and previously worked for the newly established virtual reality companies called MechaMania  and Enliven Media as both 3D concept artist and Production artist. 

I am specialised in 3D concept modelling/sculpting and have experience in almost every production phase, including pre-production such as concept-design, storyboarding/animatics and post production compositing. 

My current job requires a lot of quasi procedural environment modelling and my latest passions revolve around photography and mattepainting.

I have sufficient knowledge over the following production tools: Maya, Zbrush, World Machine, Photoshop, Nuke, Substance designer, substance painter, 3D Coat, After effects, Premiere.


Email: Broekvandensimon@gmail.com